Next time you’re worried, remember this!

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How much do you identify with your past?

If you are not sure, finish any of the following sentences:

  • The most important thing to know about me is: ________________

If you like, write your answers down. Now check if any of those sentences have something to do with the past.

If not, great! Move on. You can stop this article right here!

If yes, it may be worth…

We don’t set our internal volume properly.

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Incredible people are everywhere. But sometimes life is hard on them. My friend Jana is such a person. She had dedicated four years of her life working for a Start-Up that built up Yoga schools in Germany. Jana was passionate about her job. She loved it.

Then they fired her. I was shocked. Jana had been engaged, faithful, and hard-working. And she had kids. Her husband didn’t have a job. How could they do that to her?

The One Mistake: Too Little Volume!

Over the years I came across similar stories. Stories like Jana’s. Life attacked them out of nowhere. Without prior notice. …

Relaxing is a communication skill

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A couple of years ago, I made a fascinating discovery in a place where I least expected it.

I was in my early twenties, and hopelessly in love with Maya. Maya was a single mom living in the same street as me. One day, my door rang. It was Maya. “Hey”, she said. “I am going out tonight and I need somebody to look after Melvin.” Melvin was her 5-year-old son. She asked me if I could help.

“Sure”, I said. We agreed that I would come around at 8 pm. Great, I thought when I closed the door. I…

It is still hard, and the result may not be much different.

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Tuesday evening. There’s a knock at my office door. “Hey”, she said. “We are going to the cocktail bar down the street. Would you like to come? Have a mojito or something?”

“Sorry, I can’t”, I said.

“Oh, come on”, she said. “You’re here for how long now? Two months?”

I nodded.

“So, don’t you think it’s time to socialize a bit?”

I shook my head. I really couldn’t. I was glad I had survived the first two months. But now I was responsible for something that looked (at least to me) like a super important project. “As soon as…

If you are stuck with a project, this might be a way out.

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Sometimes we work on something and it doesn’t feel right. If that happens, it is great to remind yourself of the fundamentals of your work. It is what a martial artist does when she checks her posture, stances, and hand positioning. Or a pianist who turns back to practicing Bach’s Preludes and Fugues. It means checking if the basis of your work is intact.

If you don’t work in martial arts or music, but simply manage projects and try to get things done, one of the fundamentals of your work is planning. Did you spend too little time thinking about…

Set up an alarm system in the house of your mind.

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A couple of years ago, a ceramic artist changed my life. Her name was Nina and she gave me one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever had about focus.

I took one of her courses on pottery. Crafts were a big thing in my family and I had always been the only one who knew nothing of it. So I decided to finally give it a try.

I shared a table with David, a banker. Nina was our instructor. She showed us the wheel, the kiln, drying, firing, and so on. She was great. She had patience and…

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Empowering People

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